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Part of Gazeley Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

Our bee hotel

Here at Gazeley, we have procured the services of Cardona & Son to implement and manage bees and the production of honey around our sites in the UK, with an initial focus on Milton Keynes.

Gazeley are always looking to support the environment with a wide and varied landscaping strategy, including bringing in bees to our sites.

Honey bees are disappearing globally at an increasing rate due to pesticides, disease and loss of habitat. With an estimated 1/3 of the UK’s food dependent upon pollination, the on-site apiaries will support bee population by providing a suitable habitat. In turn, local crops will benefit from increased pollination.

Bee facts

  • 70% of major crops are pollinated by bees
  • 75% of the world’s flowering plant species need pollination to reproduce

Bee benefits

  • Making Magna Park an even better place to visit by enhancing the natural environment
  • Creating new opportunities to engage with occupiers and customers
  • Potential to attract visitors in the future; for example, for bee talks and woodland visits
  • Building local awareness through visitor signage about biodiversity improvements.
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